Q: What is NP North?

A: NP North is our Canadian wine program. Why is it separate from U.S. wine operations you ask? Because crossing borders with wine makes it EXPENSIVE for our Canadian friends. How do we solve this riddle? Take the exact same approach to our wine program in the U.S. and partner with wineries who think like us and want to make awesome, approachable wines from premium vineyards in Canada for all of us to enjoy.

Q: Can NP North wines ship to the U.S. and vice versa?

A: Nope.

Q: Who are these guys at The Hatch?

A: We started looking for a wine production partner in Kelowna over a year ago. We put some feelers out and were introduced to Jason, Jesse, and Rob at The Hatch in West Kelowna. After 15 minutes of hanging with them and tasting their wines we knew we had our partner. They think like us, the work like us, and they hustle non-stop to make premium wines at reasonable price points for all of us to enjoy. We rely upon them to make our awesome wine and ship it to our Canadian customers and they trust us enough to follow our lead when it comes to delivering the wines and experiences we want to bring to our Canadian supporters!